Monday, June 28, 2010

Ellie is Home

Ellie was found in Madera County by the side of a road with her mom and two brothers. The pups were about two months old. She was taken to the Madera County Animal Shelter, where she stayed until she was rescued by Pound Puppy Rescue.

We had been looking for a dog for the last few months and just recently found the PPR website. After submitting the adoption application online, a PPR volunteer called us at home and interviewed us. They like to weed out people who are just not ready for a dog, and especially a young puppy who needs a lot of attention. We got the picture.

On Saturday, June 5, at the PPR adoption event in Mountain View, we were able to meet dozens of puppies. It was a little overwhelming when we first arrived. The pups were corralled by litter. Unvaccinated puppies are not allowed to socialize with other puppies, to avoid picking up any diseases. Many families who wanted to adopt signed in and then waited to be interviewed by a PPR volunteer. It seemed like a hundred people showed up.

At first, we considered a mixed breed pup who caught our eye on the website. But when we met her, the chemistry wasn't right. She was very submissive and didn't seem to connect with us. Then we saw Ellie and her two brothers. They were playful, energetic and very interested in everything that was going on. We knew that any one of these pups would be a great new addition to our family. We went home and emailed PPR with our puppy selection, and in less than a day, Ellie was ours!

The next day, we went back to the pet food store and Ellie was there with her brothers. Caesar was already playing with his new parents, and Marcus was waiting for his adoptive family. Ellie was curious and happy to play with anyone willing. We held her, took photos, and got some great advice and instruction from the PPR volunteer. PPR provides support before, during and after adoption, so you always have someone you can call or email for advice. They gave us her medical records and a bag of food, and we signed a seriously long adoption contract. Basically, if we let her run around wild and she gets put into a shelter, they would hunt us down. Ellie was already spayed and dewormed -- yay -- so we just have to wait a little while before she gets her final shots and then we can socialize with other dogs!

Since adoption day, we've been crate training Ellie and teaching her about our home. We've hired a walker who helps train her while we're at work. Ellie's learned to sit and stay and come. We've been to the vet once who said Ellie is a healthy three-month old puppy. We've never had a puppy this young before, so we're learning, too.