Sunday, September 19, 2010

Puppy School Graduate

Ellie is now a puppy school graduate. She and her puppy classmates including puppy pal Chun Li successfully completed an eight-week class. Ellie learned, sit, stay, down, come, shake, leave it (sort of) and rollover.

She impressed us by obeying a down-stay command for a total of 45 seconds! It wasn't long enough for the grand prize -- a new squeaky ball -- but terrific nonetheless.

Congratulations, Ellie!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ellie's Brothers

It's about time for some new photos! Ellie has two brothers, George and Bear, and we recently got in touch with their families via email. These are photos of the three of them when they were first adopted.

Here's George:


Ellie and George:


Left to right: George, Bear, Ellie

Amber and Jerry adopted Bear. Bear is about 20 lbs and Amber says he love love lovesss squirrels, playing and following her around the house. He also got the most outgoing award in doggie preschool!

Andi and Jeff adopted Marcus, who is now called George. George is also around 20 lbs and is very friendly, especially with kids. He comes when called, and will sit and stay and do some other tricks. Andi thinks they all look alike, too.

Ellie is definitely the big sister, at around 25 lbs. She's very playful, loves playing fetch and chewing on bully stix. She can sit, stay, rollover and shake hands. She has a charming habit of moving one ear independently of the other ear. Today is her graduation day from puppy school, so we'll be sure to take more photos.