Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ellie is 11.5 Months Old

Ellie is almost a year old.  Her birthday is April 7.  Right now, she weighs a solid 35 lbs.  She's a strong, playful girl.  Her favorite activities are chasing balls, squirrels, bugs and anything else that moves.  Birds are particularly attractive.  She barks at black crows and will chase them at the beach.

We've been working on fetch, and she's a superstar.  She always brings her favorite red ball back to us.  Sometimes, she wants to play tug-o-war with it, but most of the time, she drops the ball at our feet and waits for us to throw it again.

Ellie loves her grain-free salmon Canidae dog food.  She's also fond of her organic chicken/veggie dog treats.  I haven't made her any dog biscuits lately, but I'd like to try out some new recipes.  Other than dog food, she still likes to chew on Paul's socks when she finds one on the floor.

She's still a puppy at heart and loves to play, play, play.  Some of my favorite recent photos of the last couple of months are below.

Ellie and her favorite red ball

Ellie at Sharp Park Beach

Naughty puppy
All fluffy after her bath

What's that you say?

Hey, what's up?
Sporting a snazzy sweater

After chewing on a throw rug, this makes a good hiding place

If I stand here a while, will you give me a cookie?

Ellie, Princess of Montara Mountain

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