Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Pup in Town

Gretel is the new addition to our family.  She arrived from Taiwan three weeks ago, along with her brother Hansel (now Riley), both Formosan Mountain Dogs/Shepherds -- although it's hard to be certain of their breed. Some people have mentioned they see some Basenji in her.  Who knows?

Ellie met Gretel at the foster's home in Danville. At first Gretel was shy and hid behind bushes and trees to stay out of Ellie's path. Soon, they were meeting nose-to-nose and finding that they were meant to be pals. 

Gretel and her brother Riley were street puppies who got a second chance for a happy life because they were rescued.  Some people have asked why we didn't adopt from a shelter.  It's simple, really.  Gretel, like so many Taiwan dogs, was a foundling. Dogs in Taiwan are left to starve or to be injured. People lay bear traps for them, mutilate and kill them for sport or food. We are happy to have the opportunity to save Gretel from a bleak future. Dogs from the streets of Taiwan need to be saved, and dogs from the streets of San Francisco need to be saved -- take your pick and save one!  It doesn't matter where they are from.  Just do it!

We believe in the Pound Puppy Rescue model. They are very thorough in checking out families who want to adopt. Both of our dogs are PPR dogs.  We adopted Ellie first who came from a shelter in central California, and she has been a wonderful family member from day one.  Our experience the first time around was great, and we trust PPR to examine the pups and represent them well. They also provide training, spaying/neutering, initial shots, and follow-up for all adopting families.  Riley's puppy parents are staying in touch, and we expect Gretel to meet up with her brother for a play date some time in the future.  I would recommend PPR to anyone seeking a reputable, safe and sane puppy adoption.

With that part of her story behind her, Gretel has acclimated quickly to her new surroundings.  We've puppy-proofed the yard as much as possible, and we have two very responsible people checking in on her during the day while we're at work.

It was a little scary for us, wondering if Ellie would pounce on little Gretel, who only weighs eight pounds.  But Gretel has been fearless, jumping on Ellie, licking her, playing ball, and running around the yard, as if they'd always known each other.  Last night, after a particularly fun play session in the living room with Gretel, Ellie walked over to me with her tongue hanging out, breathing heavily, and showed me her biggest happy-dog smile!  I could see that she was glad to have a new friend.

Here are a few photos of our two pups, Ellie (the big one) and Gretel (the little one).

Gretel on Ellie's pad in the backyard

Sharing is good

End of a long day

Gretel and her brother Riley

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