Friday, April 12, 2013

Riley in his New Home

Riley is Gretel's brother who lives in San Mateo.  They arrived together from Taiwan about three weeks ago. They are due for their last vaccinations at the end of April, and we hope to get our families together for a play date after that. Riley is warming up to his new family and surroundings very well, and he's really cute!

Some of his expressions are just like Gretel's -- there's definitely a family resemblance. Riley is mainly black with a white patch on his chest and white socks, similar to Gretel's socks. They both have black and pink spots on the pads of their paws.

Both our vet and Riley's vet believe that Gretel and Riley are a bit younger than originally thought by the rescue group.  They both have all of their baby teeth, and look younger than 16 weeks.  We are estimating age this week of about 13 weeks.  (Since we don't know their exact birthdate, we've chosen January 7 for Gretel.)

Here are some photos of Riley during his first week in his new home.

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